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2017.07  9CAITONG bank funds depository system officially launched

2017.06  9CAITONG officially become the member unit of Beijing Communication Industry Association

2017.02  9CAITONG signed the capital depository agreement with YiBin Commercial Bank

2016.12  9CAITONG received a permit for operation of telecommunication and information service

2016.09  9CAITONG and CFCA,to complete the signing of electronic contract signature

2016.08  9CAITONG won the “real name authentication website of Internet financial industry”

2016.08  9CAITONG through the security alliance certification

2016.08  9CAITONG won the “CNIC trusted sites” authentication

2016.08  9CAITONG won the “ICP credit rating certificate”

2016.08  9CAITONG become the member unit of Chinese Internet Financial Industry Association

2016.05  9CAITONG acquired the copyright of computer software 

2012.01  Beijing Jiu Cheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. was formally established